Specialties of Kunshan

1. Yangcheng Lake Crab: It is not only the symbol of Kunshan cuisine, but is also a trademark of Kunshan.

2. Aozao Noodles: It is one of China's top 10 noodle brands. Signature noodles are "Spicy Oil-fried Fish Noodles" and "Marinated Duck Noodles".

3. Zhengyi Green Bun: It is made of hand-ground rice flour and colored by bromegrass juice. Often filled with sugar, bean paste and shortening, the bun is colored in green to give a visual experience of "spring".

4. Zhoushi Roasted Duck: It is a very delicious specialty that allows one to savor fat but is not greasy.

5. Qiandeng Shipu Mutton: Mutton is considered a great health-enhancing food throughout the year, especially in winter.

6. Jinxi Wadi Su: Literally meaning crispy sock sole, the cake is formed by many translucent layers and offers a crispy texture.

7. Zhangpu Bream: As an indispensable dish on the dinner table in Zhangpu, its original taste will offer a palatable experience even if cooked without any additional condiment.

8. Dianshanhu Boiled Fish: No people love purely boiled fish more than natives of Kunshan. It is plump and tasty with few bones—a dish that epitomizes local cuisine.

9. Wansan Pork Shank: It looks reddish brown and offers a great taste but without a heavy feel. This time-honored specialty is suitable for all people, young and old.