1. Inter-City Transport

1.1 Kunshan Terminal

1) Address: No. 388, Qianjin East Road

2) Business Hours: 4:30-19:00 (Monday-Sunday)

3) Services

a. Check-in for domestic and international flights departing from the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport
b. Shuttle bus service between Hongqiao/Pudong Airports and Kunshan Terminal
c. Baggage check-in service
d. Ticketing for domestic and international flights

4) Inquiry: 0512-57169999; ticketing: 0512-50178887

5) Shuttle buses bound for the airports are available at the Kunshan Terminal (F2, Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Center, No.388, Qianjin East Road, Kunshan City).

6) Bus schedule

7) Bus fares

Kunshan-Shanghai Pudong International Airport: RMB 75 for a single trip
Kunshan-Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport: RMB 55 for a single trip
Note: Bus tickets are available one day in advance.
Kunshan-Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport: 40 km/60 minutes
Kunshan-Shanghai Pudong International Airport: 82 km/120 minutes

1.2 Railways

1) The Shanghai–Nanjing High-Speed Railway has three stops within Kunshan: Kunshan South Station, Yangcheng Lake Station and Huaqiao Station.
2) The Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway has a Kunshan South Station in Kunshan.
3) The Beijing-Shanghai Railway has a first-class station in Kunshan that handles both passengers and freight (Kunshan Station).

1.3 Expressways

The following expressways run through the city of Kunshan: G2 Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (G42 Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway), S5 Changzhou-Jiaxing Expressway, S58 Shanghai-Changzhou Expressway, S48 Shanghai-Yixing Expressway, G1501 Shenyang-Haikou Expressway and G312 Expressway.

2. Intra-City Transport

2.1 Elevated ring roads

1) Inner Ring (trunk line): Changjiang Road, Ma'anshan Road-Kuntai Road, Baimajing Road and Chaoyang Road (11.5 km).
2) Central Ring (fast-track road): Jiangpu Road, G312, Huangpujiang Road and Fushikang Road (44.2 km).
3) Outer Ring (fast-track road): Xicheng Avenue, Chengbei Road, Dongcheng Avenue and Jichang Road (67.7 km).