Kunshan Public Security Bureau

1. Implementing policies, laws and regulations formulated by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee and Kunshan Municipal Government; making arrangement and providing guidance, inspection and supervision for public security in Kunshan.

2. Closely following up issues that could affect social stability or endanger national security and public security; analyzing and carrying out study on local public security affairs to take proper actions on above-mentioned issues.

3. Reporting all sorts of important information to upper level public security authorities, CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee and Kunshan Municipal Government; proposing and formulating solutions in accordance with functions of the Bureau.

4. Taking charge of investigation and handling of local key and major cases, public security issues and catastrophe disasters; working together with relevant departments to handle all sorts of emergencies and ensure social stability under the leadership of CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee and Municipal Government.

5. Carrying out investigation and giving penalties to acts endanger public security and order in accordance with laws; managing household registration, ID card, firearms and ammunition, dangerous goods and special industries; keeping the public security and order of major events and public places.

6. Organizing, coordinating, supervising and offering guidance to the Bureau's branches and police stations to provide public security service to government authorities, social organizations, government affiliated institutions, enterprises as well as key construction projects; providing guidance and supervision for the safety and crime prevention work of enterprises, organizations and communities in Kunshan.

7. Taking charge of the management of detention houses in Kunshan.

8. Being responsible for guidance, inspection and supervision of the enforcement activities of the Bureau's branches and police stations; taking charge of approval and report of cases of reeducation-through-labor as well as detention education.

9. Managing entry and exit affairs and issues related to foreigners' residence and stay in Kunshan in accordance with the law.

10. Formulating police safeguard plans concerning funds and equipment equipped with outfits as well as allocation plans, standards and systems.

11. Formulating work plans on information technology on public security, anti-criminal technique and police action guide; promoting scientific research and technology development in public security in Kunshan.

12. Taking charge of the supervision of local information network to ensure internet safety.

13. Being responsible for local traffic safety and traffic control; managing motor (and non-motor) vehicles and drivers.

14. Taking charge of continuous education and management of the Bureau's staff; being responsible for the publicity affairs of public security; managing public security officers in accordance with regulations.

15. Formulating supervision and management regulations of public security staff, and carrying out staff analysis; taking charge of supervision over public security staff; implementing supervision over public security officers in accordance with regulations; carrying out investigation and prosecution on violations of discipline involving public security staff.

16. Giving guidance to armed police on handling public security issues and other relevant operations.

17. Taking charge of fire prevention and control.

18. Being in charge of security guard for the VIP guests and visitors from the CPC, central government as well as other countries during their stay in Kunshan.

19. Undertaking other tasks assigned by CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, Kunshan Municipal Government and higher level public security authorities.

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