Kunshan Local Taxation Bureau

1. Enforcing tax laws, regulations and policies and developing locally relevant implementation rules;

2. Collecting municipal taxes, funds and fees as mandated by the State Council, the provincial and municipal governments and managing municipal tax invoices and other tax certificates;

3. Providing and regulating taxpayer services; ensuring taxpayer compliance; supervising the protection of local taxpayer rights and interests;

4. Inspecting and supervising tax law enforcement; dealing with tax-related administrative review requests and lawsuits;

5. Identifying tax sources, developing and implementing tax collection plans and fulfilling tax collection targets; handling tax accounting, statistics and assessment;

6. Auditing tax collection and dealing with tax law violations;

7. Developing policies on IT-based tax administration and developing tax IT competence;

8. Managing tax officials, providing ethical and political education as well as talent development programs; fighting against corruption; improving work styles and professionalism;

9. Dealing with other work assigned by higher government bodies.

10. Jointly managing foreign invested schools in Kunshan and carrying out international exchange and cooperation concerning education.

Add: 199, Middle Qianjin Road, Kunshan
Tel: 0512-57328777
P.C.: 215300