Winter Snowstorm & Blizzard Tips

During snowstorm or blizzard, it is important to take necessary precautions to the storm’s arrival. To stay safe during the winter storm situation, please see the lists below and make sure you are adequately prepared.

1. Lower tire pressure and make sure your tires get more traction for winter driving.

2. Drive slowly in snowy and icy weather. Do not steer quickly to avoid slips. When you step on your brake pedal, be slow and steady.

3. Use tire chains on snowy crust or an icy road surface. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and get better vision.

4. Avoid slips in riding and driving.

5. When go across unsafe places such as bridge arches and roof edges, go through quickly or circle them to avoid injuries from falling ice dams.

6. Clean the snow on your roof.

7. Dress for warmth. It is recommended that the elderly and the weak people stay indoors, and be cautious of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases triggered by temperature drop.

8. Vehicles speed would be limited to 30km/h when the visibility is less than 50m. Keep a safe following distance.

9. Warning signs shall be placed before the traffic accident scene to prevent secondary accidents. For your safety, please stay away from construction sites, temporary structure, advertising boards, rotten trees, etc.

10. Wear anti-slip shoes when go outdoors. Avoid wearing high heels and clear plastic shoes. Avoid riding bicycles in snowy and icy weather.

Emergency Telephone

Police: 110

Fire Alarm: 119

First Aid: 120

Traffic Accident: 122

Public Service Hotline 12345

Water Rescue: 12395

Expressway Service: 96777

Tap Water Service: 57552434

Power Supply: 57322222

Natural Gas Supply: 12345