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Foreigners Speak Highly of Spring Festival Activities in Zhouzhuang

During the Spring Festival, many foreigners gathered in Zhouzhuang to enjoy the Spring Festival flavor.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, American tourist Amy and her friends departed from Shanghai to Zhouzhuang to watch the show of Beating Spring Ox. Seeing eight musclemen bearing a golden Spring Ox marched toward the memorial archway of Zhouzhuang ancient town, audiences’ passion was ignited. Amy followed the local tradition and patted on the head of the Spring Ox, in hope of good luck in the whole year.

The fifth day of the Chinese New Year is the day to welcome the God of Wealth. French tourist Imane woke up early in the morning and gathered with a dozen of friends from Switzerland, Hungary and other countries in Zhouzhuang. Imane said they had a very happy stay in Zhouzhuang, for they have tasted the spring wine, rice cakes and watched performance.

“Nowadays, it’s quite common to see an increasing number of foreigners coming to Zhouzhuang to enjoy Chinese New Year”, said Zhang Weiqing, the general manager of Jiangsu Water-Town Zhouzhuang Tourism Co., Ltd. In recent years, Zhouzhuang has innovated ways to improve awareness overseas. The year 2017 witnessed 150,000 foreign visitors to Zhouzhuang. In 2017, Xiangcun village in Zhouzhuang has been rated as one of China’s Top International Village Tourism Destinations.