FOE Registration
FOE Registration
Establishment of Sino-foreign Joint Ventures, Sino-foreign Cooperative Enterprises and Foreign-funded Enterprises

1. Procedures: Application →Processing →Approval

2. Required Materials

1) List of documents required for the establishment of a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) (original copy)
2) Application and Pledge Form for the establishment of a FIE (original copy)
3) Pre-approval form for the establishment of a FIE (original copy)
4) Establishment contract (applicable only to Sino-foreign joint ventures) and charter (co-signed by the legal representatives of foreign and Chinese investors) (original copy)
5) Notice for the Pre-approval of Enterprise Name (photocopy)
6) Proof of legal qualifications of all the investors (incl. notarized certificates) and credit certificates (original copy) of all the investors. It is noted that proof of legal qualifications shall refer to: the photocopy of the business license stamped by the enterprise in the case of a Chinese enterprise; the original copy of the proof notarized by their domestic notary authority and the Chinese embassy/consulate in their home country in the case of a foreign enterprise; the original copy of the proof notarized by the notary authority in their territory in the case of an enterprise from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; the photocopy of the verified passport or access certificate in the case of individuals from foreign countries or Taiwan. The notary authority shall refer to a notary body or a law firm in the country/territory where the investor is registered. The credit certificate shall refer to a document or a certificate provided by a bank or a financial institution from the jurisdiction where the investment is made that can substantiate the credit status of the investor
7) List of the members of the board of directors and appointment letters (original copy)
8) Environmental permit (applicable to manufacturing enterprises) (original copy)
9) Contract of land use right transfer (provided by the land administration authority) or property lease contract (annexed with the photocopy of the property ownership certificate)
10) Other documents required by regulatory authorities

The aforesaid documents shall be submitted in the order of listing. Other forms are available on the website of the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, where you can download these forms and fill them in on your computer. The signature on printed forms shall be made in water-based ink.

3. Committed Deadline: 2 working days

4. Amount of Charge: N/A

5. Place of Service: Window of the Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce (2/F, Administrative Service Center, 219, Qianjin Middle Road, Kunshan)

6. Tel: 0512-57379096; 0512-57379095