Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Tourism

1. Developing city-wide tourism development strategies, medium- and long-term tourism development plans, annual plans and specific action plans, and organizing the implementation of national leisure-oriented tourism plans; collecting city-wide tourism data and releasing tourism information; investigating, planning, developing and preserving tourism resources in the city; applying and seeking approval for national, provincial and municipal-level major tourism investment projects; managing, evaluating and advancing tourism projects in the city; and developing plans for tourism project construction and investment with relevant departments;

2. Developing and implementing market development strategies for domestic tourism, inbound and outbound tourism; carrying out marketing and major promotional campaigns; guiding the planning and development of the city's key tourism zones, tourist destinations, tourism products and routes, and coordinating holiday, patriotic and rural tourism; developing medium- and long-term plans for the city's tourism festivals and exhibitions; organizing, guiding and coordinating the city's tourism festivals and hosting major tourism festivals;

3. Enforcing national and provincial laws, regulations and policies with regards to tourism related to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and managing tourism affairs related to these three regions;

4. Regulating the local tourism market, supervising tourist service quality and protecting the legitimate rights of tourists and businesses; regulating the behaviors of tourism companies and tourism practitioners and dealing with complaints from tourists; implementing standards in tourism zones, infrastructure, services and products; guiding the development of ethical standards for the local tourism industry; and overseeing the performance of local tourism industry associations;

5. Coordinating, supervising and managing tourism safety, guiding emergency rescue work, and supervising safety at star hotels, travel agencies and tourist attractions;

6. Developing the city's tourism talent development plans and organizing the certification and examination of tourism practitioners;

7. Collecting and researching national, provincial and municipal tourism policies, investigating and studying tourism resources, market environment, tourism products, talent development and quality supervision and management to inform policy making by higher authorities;

8. Enforcing national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations and policies on IT; coordinating IT system development within the bureau; organizing the development, application and management of information resources to facilitate information sharing; building awareness of IT application and providing education and training; developing and maintaining the bureau's website and local area network, collecting and providing information; collecting, processing and releasing tourism information, and providing administrative and tourism information to higher tourism authorities and relevant departments;

9. Guiding the transition and institutional innovation of the local tourism industry;

10. Organizing and coordinating the city's tourism work during holidays;

11. Dealing with other work assigned by the municipal government.

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