Sports in Kunshan

The Kunshan Municipal Sports Bureau is committed to its mission of developing sports to improve people's health. It has been following a long-term and innovative approach to make sports more accessible to the public. Currently, a city-wide public sports service network has been created in Kunshan, through which local people can universally access diverse organized sports activities, modern sports facilities and quality sports services.

Thanks to its efforts in sports development, Kunshan has been selected as a national model in promoting sports and fitness in rural areas. For nine consecutive years, the city has been honored as a national and a provincial model in mass fitness. In 2012, it was recognized by the WHO Alliance of Healthy Cities for its best practice in mass fitness. In 2013, Kunshan was designated by the General Administration of Sports as the "National Sports Industry Center in South Jiangsu (county-level0)"; in April 2015, Kunshan was selected by the provincial government as one of the first group of provincial models in public sports service.

Improved sports infrastructure: By June 2015, Kunshan has completed its two-year-and-a-half project of providing sports and fitness infrastructure that is accessible to both rural and urban residents with 10 minutes. Currently, the per-capita sports area in Kunshan has reached 4.66 sqm, higher than the national average of 1.46 sqm; provincial average of 2.01 sqm; and Suzhou's average of 2.7 sqm. In 2016, the government has activated another program that aims to provide local citizens access to a fitness facility within a 15 minutes' walk. This program is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, when both rural and urban residents will be able to access quality fitness infrastructure that is evenly distributed across the city.

Increased sports organizations: In Kunshan, there are 40 municipal-level single-sport associations, 67 district or town-level sports associations and 617 sports clubs. Totally, the city has 6,759 registered sports instructors, which means there 4.1 instructors for every 1,000 people (the city has a 1.64 billion population), including 4,429 Class-III, 2,183 Class-II, 121 Class-I and 26 National-level instructors.

Diversified fitness and sports activities: Every year, Kunshan hosts over 600 sports activities and games, with nearly one million participants. Regular exercisers represent more than 55% of the city's total population.

Enhanced sports service: Every year, more than 100 training activities of various kinds are held in Kunshan, benefiting, directly and indirectly, more than 200,000 people. Also, Kunshan collects 10,000 samples as input for the national health survey on a yearly basis. Currently, the percentage of surveyed citizens who have reached national health standards is 96.5%, a figure that places Kunshan among the best performing cities.

Strengthened sports industry: In 2015, Kunshan reported RMB 30.112 billion in the output of the sports sector, up 2.3% from a year earlier. The sector's value added reached RMB 6.022 billion, representing 2.0% of the city's GDP. A total of 327 sports companies have achieved a yearly turnover of RMB 20 million, with a combined employment of 82,006 people. To date, Kunshan has developed 8 sports-themed leisure-oriented tourism routes that can reach its surrounding cities. Kunshan has also been ranked 1st among county-level cities for 4 consecutive years in sports lottery sales, which amounted to RMB 530 million in 2012, to RMB 575 million in 2013, RMB 721 million in 2014 and RMB 646 million in 2015.

Expanded sports influence: Since 2012, Kunshan has hosted nearly 90 national sports games. In May 2016, Kunshan hosted a prominent international game—Total BWF Thomas & Uber Cups, when Kunshan presented to the world a unique sports gala featuring rich local cultural elements.

Improved sports performance: Athletes from Kunshan, as represented by Jiang Lan, have shined in many national sports games. In 2013, Kunshan Amateur Sports School for Children and Teenagers was upgraded to a four-star amateur sports school and was chosen by the General Administration of Sports as a national model in mass fitness as well as a national tee-ball experimental center. Moreover, a total of 25 schools in the city have been named as "National Tee-ball Experimental Schools".

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